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Basic Health

Mobile Clinic Project

Last update: 31/07/2020

Who we are

We are doctors and professionals.

We are a group of people who want to advocate the right to free medical care of everyone, starting with children.

We are a team that relies exclusively on donations from volunteers and supporters.

We are men and women who believe in peace.

Our Mission

MedAcross is an italian nonprofit organization operating in Myanmar. Our mission is focused on:

  • providing free medical care to people in developing countries, with a particular focus on children and teenagers

  • training medical and paramedical staff on-site in order to develop independent health facilities and create job opportunities for the local population

  • supporting humanitarian interventions by cooperating with local associations already at work on the context

What drives us:

We at MedAcross believe that good health and well-being are everyone's right, nobody excluded. This is why we are committed to providing basic care to our patients, regardless of age, gender, social and health status.


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