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Basic Health

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Basic Health Clinic

Free medical care in Kawthaung city

Since 2016 we provide free medical care to the poorest people in the southeast part of Myanmar.

Our Basic Health Clinic

Every day, we open our clinic in the city of Kawthaung to every patient in need. MedAcross medical staff gives medical attention to the poorest families of the city, for free. 

There is a dire need for help in Kawthaung, a city surrounded by slums, where 8 people out of 10 do not have access to direct drinkable water. The city is close to the Thailand border and suffers from illegal drug and sexual traffic. There are thousands of people who live under the lowest level of poverty in Kawthaung and we're here to help them. 

We believe that health is a right that does not have borders, and we work every day to make it real.