HIV patients

HIV patients

We help H.I.V. patients in Kawthaung

The A.I.D.S. is a cause for serious concern in Myanmar. 0.7% of the population is HIV positive, the highest rate of infection in Asia after Thailand. 

Myanmar government guarantees free therapy for A.I.D.S. patients, but not so many people use it. Many patients fear the stigma of the disease, which often causes them to lose their jobs.

MedAcross supports 30 HIV-positive patients and their families

  • Giving medicines to patients making sure that their privacy is guaranteed;
  • Offering monthly advice to the patient and their families to avoid the spread of the infection;
  • Offering them clean food and water through the N.S.S.P. (Nutritional Support for Seropositive Patients). 

The N.S.S.P. project supplies 30 kg of rice, 25 litres of water, eggs and two litres of seed oil to each patient every month. A simple but fundamental gesture, considering that in the city of Kawthaung water is not drinkable and its cost can go up to $ 2.00 per litre.

With the N.S.S.P. the risk of contracting infectious diseases, particularly dangerous for those with A.I.D.S., is greatly reduced.