Where we act

Myanmar: Providing free healthcare for everyone

MedAcross is currently engaged in a medical and humanitarian project in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. In this region, health problems are particularly serious, also due to the strong presence of internal refugees living in precarious conditions.

We operate in southern Myanmar, an area that has been suffering from deforestation, in favour of palm oil and rubber plantations. It is a poor area, which is also affected by sexual trafficking. Girls and boys, taken from their villages with the promise of a job, are brought to the borders with Thailand and, in the end, what these boys and girls find is just a nightmare. 

How we act:

The Basic Health Clinic is active in the city of Kawthaung, providing medical care for free to the poorest people who cannot afford paid treatments.

The Mobile Clinic is an off-road vehicle equipped for medical needs that we use to visit villages and plantations where the most isolated population of the region lives. Those people live usually too far from any hospital or pharmacy, so MedAcross goes there every month, donating free care and free medicines.

The Boat Clinic has expanded the project of medical assistance in remote areas, supporting the people living in the Andaman Islands. 

Here are all the places where we provide care for free in Myanmar